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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

West Bali National Park

The area of Taman Nasional Bali Barat (West Bali National Park) situated at the Edge of north Bali Island is the stretch of green ground along the 150 km road that link Gilimanuk and Denpasar or Gilimanuk and Singaraja. It is located between district of Gerokgak in Buleleng regency and district of Melaya in Jembrana regency. It is reachable from Gilimanuk as the main entrance to West Bali, and from Denpasar. This 77,000-hectare park was established in 1941.Lush forests still grow on Bali's southern and western slopes. West Bali National Park (covers 50,000 hectare on the western tip of the island. It also includes another 7,000 hectares of coral reef and coastal water. Considering in the small size of the island as a whole, the National Park is a major commitment towards attempting to preserve the wildlife found on Bali. The forest in this area has been determined as " Nature Park" - later on known as Taman Perlindungan Alam Bali - based on the decision of " Raja-Raja di Bali" (Kings in Bali) dated 13th August 1917 noE-1/4/5. This regulation is intended to preserve the flora and fauna in this area.

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Botanical Garden

Bedugul Botanical Garden or Kebun Raya Eka Karya is the huge tropical garden located in Bedugul, plateau area in Bali. It is situated in the cool atmosphere with rain forest and hill surrounds it. This botanical garden is opened on 1959 and owns 154,5 ha land located Tabanan regency, northwest part of Bali. It is close to the beautiful lake which is called Beratan Lake and Ulun Danu Temple. It is completed by more than 1187 plant types and multifarious of floras. In this area, there is orchid garden with the collection of 320 orchid types from Bali, Java, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Sulawesi and also Irian Jaya. We can slo meet the rose garden with the collection of various rose from rust colored until green chromatic.

Bedugul Botanical Garden or Kebun Raya Eka Karya is also completed by 524 birches which are still in its original forest. In this place we can meet the collection from America , South America , China , Japan , Australia , Africa and also Netherlands . Cyathea Garden is one of the specific gardens owning the various collections of Paku-pakuan (tropical vegetable) which can be eaten as vegetable by Balinese and some of them are used for decoration. The tree from this nail Cyatheas are often exploited as growth media of various orchid types. Cactus collections are consisted of 104 types. This cactus is obtained from Africa, America , Germany , Switzerland and also Indonesia . The crop season at botanical garden is taken 94 types plants that are the collection from the exploitation for Balinese life ceremony, temple ceremony, devoting/offering and others purpose. It also owns the collection of drug crop with 84 types/species.

Beside of the crop collections, Bedugul Botanical Garden or Kebun Raya Eka Karya also owns the traditional Balinese houses and it function as guest house for scientist who is doing observation. It is also opened for public including tourists and to be one of favorite tourist destinations in Bali especially for domestic tourists. The most crowded visitors at this place are on Lebaran Period (Moslem holiday), Balinese Holidays, National Holidays and New Year period.

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Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga is a small town on the eastern side of Bali. It is perched among dormant volcanic mountains and rice terraces and provides views of the sea to the east.
The primary draw to Tirta Gangga for visitors is the water palace. A lovely maze of pools and fountains surround by a lush garden and stone carvings and statues.
Tirta Gangga Garden is built in the year of 1948 by Karangasem king of Anak Agung Agung Angluerah Ketut Karangasem. Before this garden is built, that in the garden area there are big wellspring, so that local society called this place is embukan means wellspring. This wellspring is functioned by society from the village near by to look for the drinking water and place for having bath or hallowing the god therefore this wellspring is sacrificed by local people. From this wellspring the King of Karangasem get the idea to build a garden which is good from facet of cold air and wellspring suited for made a garden. Tirta Gangga Garden represent one more majored garden for the place of bath because water go out from very clear wellspring and chilled, causing all tourist swimming in that pool become fit and well. From other side it is own the clear water and chilled, also cold air make this Tirta Gangga is very charming for all tourist who pay a visit to this place. Some building and decoration intentionally be made as according to the spirit from Puri Agung Karangasem, so that between Tirta Gangga Garden and Sukasada Garden which is located in Ujung countryside becoming a union

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Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a peninsula in Bali, an island in Indonesia
Arround Nusa Dua you can also see:
Dreamland. A beautiful beach with excellent surfing conditions, especially for intermediate surfers & on big days when other breaks are too big to surf. Right & left reef break, not too shallow and with decent shape.
Pulau Penyu (English=Turtle Island). Boats from Nusa Dua are available, the price is Rp. 100,000 per person. The boats are usually glass boats which you can see the under water view from the boat. Like its name, Pulau Penyu (Turtle Island) is a turtle conservation. The local people keep the turtle eggs in each traditional conservation houses individually owned them until the baby turtles born, and they will release the turtles when they are grown. Besides turtle, they also have komodos, birds, snakes, bats, etc. To enter each conservation is usually free, but they will ask you to give some money for animal feeding. They didn't mention the amount, but usually around Rp. 20,000. Once you arrive at the island, 1 or 2 guides will welcome you. You also better give them some tips (Rp. 10,000 or Rp. 20,000), although they won't ask for it. Not giving any money basically will be OK, because they also earn money from the drinking shops near the houses.
The boat owners also provides the service for snorkeling, parasailing and jetski. Price is around Rp. 100,000 per person. There are many deluxe hotels in the area and more are constantly being constructed. Private villas are rare however there are a few new estates now open.

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Lovina Beach is a long narrow strech of black volcano sand on the north shore of Bali. Virtually empty most of the year, Lovina, like most of Bali, fills up with tourists from all over the world in August. It is a nice break from the bustle of Kuta.
What you can find around Lovina:
Air Panas/ Banjar Hot Springs — Located west of Lovina, Air Panas is an enchanting hot springs with stone carved mouths gushing water among a lush garden setting. A nominal entrance fee is charged.
Expect to be offered dolphin sighting trips every other minute. These trips leave each morning and have very mixed reviews as the boats tend to outnumber the dolphins, but it can still be an enjoyable ride. Prices are fixed by a dolphin cartel, they are around 50.000 (4 euro)
Snorkeling and scuba diving trips leave from Kalibukbuk for Deer Island and other north shore dive spots. There are several dive operators based out of Lovina that operate daily dive trips to Menjanan Island, Tulamben and Amed, as well as night dives from the local shore. Spice Divers are based out of Lovina and offer day trips to all of the dive spots on the northern shore. Guides are available in a variety of languages and multi-day discounts are available.
Cockfights are held around lovina. You will see around Lovina many older people training the cocks, just ask them to bring you to a fight

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Amed Beach-Bali

Amed Beach East Bali is everything you dreamed it would be a rare and special paradise of outstanding exotic beauty, vibrant culture and friendly people. Here you can finally find peace and quiet, enjoy great food and take advantage of comfortable and inexpensive accommodation. From the beach, Amed offers an excellent site for training dives. It has a flat bottom lagoon for instruction and a coral reef only 5 minutes swim away.
his location is highly recommended for introductory dives. By boat, Amed has a nice wall dive just a few minutes away. It is a fun, easy dive for everyone. Snorkeling and diving off the black-sand beaches here is exceptional, the variety and numbers of fish on display are among the best on Bali and the water temperature is a constant 28 degrees. Schools of cardinal fish, triggerfish, black snappers, pyramid butterflies, banner fish, and damselfish can be seen on the sand slopes, while table corals, big fan gorgonians, and magnificent stag horn Acropora and Dendronephthya trees, dense growths of sponges, crinoids, and sea fans are commonly found within 20 meters of shore.
Cemuluk, on a protected bay, is an ideal place to begin snorkeling. Four kilometres further south along the coast is Banyuning, where there's a small wreck and some of the most beautiful coral gardens to be seen anywhere in the Lesser Sundas. The water is a little deeper here and sometimes there is a slight swell, so this area suits people with experience.

Getting There

Just 30min NE from Amlapura.
By public transport: From Denpasar, Batubulan Terminal, take a bus(medium size) to Amlapura, for 2 hours. Then change to a bemo to Amed, for 30min. The bemo will stops at the village, but the driver may take you to Jemeluk Beach.

Where to Stay

Amed is actually the name of just one village and not the place to base yourself; the villages to the south are more attractive. There are dozens of places to stay along this coast, from non-star hotel to star hotel.

Moving Around

You're free to explore Amed beach on foot.

Dining Guide

You can find food stalls (warung) whose sell snacks and nasi campur. The best restaurant in the area is the Baliku, approximately one kilometer south of the Blue Moon. And in the Lipah area serves good Indonesian food.
Souvenir Tips

Sea-related products, such as items made of seashells, corals, etc.

Other Things to See or Do

You can visit the fish market early in the morning when the tuna come in, And you can also enjoy the views surroundings Amed village.

Travel Tips

Most hotel staff can also arrange sailing or fishing trips so you can catch your own dinner. Your hotel will most probably have snorkeling gear for hire.
If you're on the Amed coast and want to dive, steer clear of the dive operators and check the prices at the other operators. Just make sure you take a look at the dive operator's equipment to make sure it's up to snuff before you decide to dive with them.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Danau Beratan

Traverse the width of Bali in a day. Leaving the relatively flat rice fields behind, we drive into the steep mountains of Pacung. Vegetatation changes as you continue further into alpine countryside. Mosses, creepers and ferns flourish here. Candi Kuning fruit and flower market produces exotic wild orchids, roses and fresh fruits. Reaching the attractive mountain resort of Bedugul – serene Lake Bratan fills the ancient crater of Mount Batukaru. The delighful temple of Ulun Danu is dedicated to the Goddess of Water.

Continue north to visit one of the world’s greatest golf courses “ Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club” before
reaching the fantastic jungle waterfall of Gitgit. On the north coast we travel through the town of Singaraja and have lunch at the stunning black sand beach of Lovina (lunch is not included). We return along a different route (Pupuan) through coffee plantations and spectacular terraced rice fields.

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